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Letter from Chuck Wing from the Dunwoody Driving Club announcing his retirement 

Approximately ten years ago the Dunwoody Driving Club became a dream for many of us who were proud to show our cars and share stories about them.

From the 40 original DDC members who joined the club in 2013, ten of them still remain as members.  Over the years we have added many new members and our current membership is 78.

During those years we had many fun events and enjoyed our camaraderie and doing some very useful things:

Here are a few:

Visiting the Cofer Brothers Car Collection in Tucker
Breakfast at the Big Green Egg
Pizza Dinner at Vintage Pizza
A couple of shows in the parking lot where Ace used to be (remember the ladies from O’Briens sold us cold beer.) 
Several shows at Los Rancheros.  At some of those events we collected can foods, socks and sweaters for the needy.
One year we also donated school supplies to students at Chestnut Elementary School
Lemonade Days at Brook Run Park
An event last year at Chastain Park
A trip to the Savoy Museum 

I am sure there were a few more but these are ones that I can quickly recall.

So, for these nearly 10 years I have completely enjoyed meeting the members and arranging for the numerous events.

Now that I will soon be turning 80, I think it’s time to pass the keys.

In talking with many of the members about the future of the DDC, I have decided to select Rob D’Amico as our new owner and president.

Rob has been a member for many years and is a real car guy.  In addition, Rob has excellent website and social media skills and will be able to update our web site and help the Club become more active on social platforms. 

Here are some of Rob’s additional qualifications.

Interactive Content Manager at Big Green Egg
Built social media platforms for several exotic car dealers
Knowledge of cars, motor-sports and concourse events
Developed the ‘Cooks and Cars’ podcast
Syndicated radio host of RACEDAY on FOX Sports Radio
RaceDay Nation on Racing American’s streaming channel
(Available on – XUMO, Plex, TCL, Local Now and others)
Behind the scenes at USGP IndyCar, IMSA, NASCAR events
Lifelong car enthusiast — a CAR GUY!

Please join me in welcoming Rob as our president.

“I would like to thank Chuck for this opportunity, I’m honored and proud to be a part of such a great car club. I’m excited to build this club for the future but at the same time keeping its traditions and commitment to the community intact. Cars may be our connection but it’s our people that will make the difference as we move forward.” – Rob D’Amico

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