The Best Prime Rib for the Holidays

Cut Prime Rib on wooden cutting board

Cooks and Cars: The BBQ Buddha’s Perfect Prime Rib On this episode of Cooks and Cars, Chris Sussman aka The BBQ Buddha talks with Rob D’Amico about creating that perfect holiday prime rib on the Big Green Egg. Plus we discuss dry aging, butter compound vs butter rub, EGG setup, cooking temp and the best […]

Brisket 101

Brisket Smoked on the Big Green Egg

This is everything you need to know about smoking the perfect brisket on the Big Green Egg.

They Have the Meats

Rob D'Amico & Ron Dimpflmaier laughing on podcast

They Have the Meats These guys seem to be amused, will you? On this weeks Cooks and Cars (@cooksandcars), host Rob D’Amico (@robdamico) talks with Captain Ron Dimpflmaier (@cptron302) about building the ultimate beef and cheddar made from leftover prime rib cooked on the Big Green Egg. They also discuss cooking a crown roast and […]

Spatchcock Poultry

Spatchcocked Turkey on the Big Green Egg Cutting Board

Spatchcocked could also mean that you butterflied your turkey or chicken. It’s very simply, a whole bird with the backbone removed and the bird flattened for cooking. OK … so why would you do this to a poultry? In addition to amazing your friends and family, there are several other advantages to spatchcocking a turkey […]

Pizza on the Big Green Egg

Pizza baked on the Big Green Egg

I have to tell you that baking pizza on the Big Green Egg is one of my favorite things to do. I used to be one of those guys that said it had to be done at a high temperature of 650º to be done right but when cooking more than one pie you want […]

Reverse-Seared Picanha with Chimichurri

Reversed-Seared Picanha with Chimichurri

If you are thinking what in the world is picanha, what does it taste like and how do you grill it. We have the answer with this reverse-seared picanha with Chimichurri Sauce! Picanha is a cut of beef that comes from the rump cap muscle. PIcanha steaks are really popular in Brazil, where they’re often […]


Lemon Pepper Chicken Wings on the Big Green Egg

Lemon Pepper to be exact! At least I know what you’ll be doing this weekend. Thank you to Greensbury Market for the chicken wings that inspired this recipe. Ingredients 2 lb. chicken wings 3 lemons, zested 2 tbsp pepper 2 tsp salt ¼ cup butter, melted Instructions One hour before the cook, pat the wings dry with […]

How to smoke a brisket

Brisket wrapped in butcher paper on the Big Green Egg

This cook seems to get people really nervous and I get it, you just paid a hundred bucks or more on a piece of meat you don’t want to waste it. If I’m you, I’m not buying anything below prime because once you’re at the choice level meats, quality seems to fluctuate making it more […]

Cooks and Cars Episode 12

Cooks and Cars Episode 13 Rob D’Amico and Adam Merlin talk with Ramsey Potts from RM Sothebys to discuss their Open Roads-February North American Offerings Auction.  Show is LIVE every Saturday 10AM ET