All Ferrari’s were built with racing DNA but the Ferrari F430 really took it to the next level. The F430 (Type F131) was manufactured from 2004 to 2009 as a successor to the Ferrari 360 with notable performance and exterior upgrades. The F430 features a 4.3 L V8 engine designed by both Ferrari and Maserati called the F136. This change was a significant for Ferrari, as all previous Ferrari V8’s were descendants of the Dino racing program of the 1950s. This was a mid-engine, rear-wheel drive powerhouse with the option of a 6-speed manual or 6-speed ‘F1’ automated manual transmission.

Although the body styling was similar to its predecessor, the F430 was revised to improve its aerodynamic efficiency and downforce. Even though both the 360 and 430 shared its aluminum chassis, roofline, doors, and glass, the F430 was still able to take on its own identity. Some notable changes appeared in the narrowing of the headlights, exposed Enzo tail lights, engine cover vents and a Testarossa-styled driver’s side mirror with the F430 name etched in it. The oval front opening where changed to resemble the Ferrari racing models from the 60s, specifically the 156 “shark nose” Formula One car.

Our 2007 F430 F1 is finished in Rosso Corsa over Beige Daytona Style seats with black piping. Only 17k miles, 3 SC/GA owners, and an accident-free CarFax. This car has the original owner’s manual set, two keys and tool kits. Very well sorted with Scuderia Shields, Carbon Fiber Inserts, Red Brake Calipers and Yellow Tachometer. You can find these models with many different combinations because Ferrari allowed more features to be customize.

The brakes were developed with both Brembo and Bosch, resulting in a new cast-iron alloy that had  better heat dissipation performance. Also available was the optional Carbon fibre-reinforced Silicon Carbide (C/SiC) ceramic composite brakes that Ferrari claimed wouldn’t fade even after 300-360 laps at their test track.

The F430 featured E-Diff, a computer-controlled limited slip active differential which can change the distribution of torque based on inputs such as steering angle and lateral acceleration.

Other notable features include the first application of Ferrari’s manettino steering wheel-mounted control knob. Now a driver could select from five different modes including snow, rain, sport, race and CST, which modify the vehicle’s ESC system, electronic suspension, transmission behavior, throttle response, and E-Diff.

The F430 was available in a few different variants;

F430 Spider (convertible) – The interior and performance of the Spider are identical to that of the coupé with an increase in the weight and decrease in the top speed by 3 mph.

430 Scuderia – Serving as the successor to the 360 Challenge Stradale, the 430 Scuderia was lighter 220 lbs and more powerful (503 hp) at 8,500 rpm. The increased power comes from a revised intake, exhaust, and an ion-sensing knock-detection system that allows for a higher compression ratio in the engine.

Scuderia Spider 16M – Is a convertible version of the 430 Scuderia to commemorate Ferrari’s 16th victory in the Formula 1 Constructor’s World Championship in 2008. 499 cars were produced beginning early 2009 and all were pre-sold to select clients.

There were a couple of special editions one being the F430 Spider Bio Fuel and SP1 (one-off) but the others out of this stable were for racing.

Ferrari F430 Challenge Car
F430 GTC
Ferrari F430 GT3
430 GT3 Scuderia

Interested in this 2007 F430 F1 or any exotic/luxury vehicle, be sure check the following items before you purchase. Especial with a F430 you need to see if the headers have been replaced and if there was any work done on the pre-cat.

  • Date of latest major service
  • How much wear on the clutch
  • Headlight/Taillights working and good condition
  • Visible leaks
  • Brake wear
  • Wheel and tire condition
  • Body or paint damage
  • Accident report
  • Interior condition (seats, leather dash, headliner, carpet, sticky buttons etc)
  • Warning lights/codes
  • Weather striping
  • If convertible, top condition, mechanical workings, seals and back window condition
  • Air conditioning
  • Electronics (battery, power seats, windows, top, and releases (roof, trunk and hood)
  • Spare tire, keys, owners manuals, tool kit and luggage if it came with car
  • Talk to the seller, get the back story/history of the vehicle.

Each vehicle receives a thorough inspection, carried out by one of our own factory-trained Master technicians, along with a detailed condition report, to give you the resources to make an informed decision on your next automotive investment. Our dedicated team of experts takes pride in being your trusted advisors throughout the process.

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