The Best Prime Rib for the Holidays

Cut Prime Rib on wooden cutting board

Cooks and Cars: The BBQ Buddha’s Perfect Prime Rib On this episode of Cooks and Cars, Chris Sussman aka The BBQ Buddha talks with Rob D’Amico about creating that perfect holiday prime rib on the Big Green Egg. Plus we discuss dry aging, butter compound vs butter rub, EGG setup, cooking temp and the best […]

Italian beef sandwich

Italian Beef Sandwich

Thanks to Greensbury Market for the chuck roast that inspired this recipe. Also must give some probs to BGE employee Alex and his mother for the family recipe. This one is SO GOOD! Ingredients 4 lbs. rump or chuck roast 2 16-oz jars pepperoncini peppers, stems removed (reserve juice) 12 oz light beer 12 oz beef broth […]

How to smoke a brisket

Brisket wrapped in butcher paper on the Big Green Egg

This cook seems to get people really nervous and I get it, you just paid a hundred bucks or more on a piece of meat you don’t want to waste it. If I’m you, I’m not buying anything below prime because once you’re at the choice level meats, quality seems to fluctuate making it more […]